doxo Makes Bill Paying Easier With Customized Warnings and More

The folks at doxo are addressing a segment of the economy that includes approximately half of all household spending. The act of managing and paying all the household bills is at once absolutely necessary and also among the most frustrating and confounding tasks every family has to face. Most households pay at least 10 or more bills every month and are faced with having to maintain several online accounts for different purposes. There is also that creditor who won’t take a credit card to deal with, as well as the occasional website that isn’t designed work with tablet or a mobile phone.

There is more than paying bills to the service, too, as doxo includes a digital filing cabinet, where users can scan and keep all their bills, statements and related documents in a secure place, and they can pay their bills as they come up. There is a warning, though; this free service includes so many features that make bill-paying a much easier monthly chore than otherwise, you may actually begin to like paying your bills.

You will also like the feeling of control you get with doxo. Their payment service, doxoPAY, allows the user to set up an auto-bill-pay feature for any payment, and to issue a warning when the amount goes above the normal amount. This allows doxo users to keep track of your bill paying, and it also serves as something of an alarm when a bill is too high. For example, if your usual electric bill is $150 or less, you can set the auto-pay limit to that level, you’ll know immediately when the bill goes above that. The doxo payment system also features an inbox so that any user can see which bills are due and click on each one to examine the full details.