The Stress of Bill Payment is Reduced When You Use doxo

Located in Seattle, doxo was founded as a partnership between several venture capitalists, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ firm, Bezos Expeditions. Their goal with this venture was to make it easier for people and small businesses to pay their bills no matter where they are when they’re due, all from one single account. As of now, doxo can point to millions of users and they can rightfully claim it has changed the way those millions pay their bills. It seems like a warning to the other players in the personal finance space; this is the first crowd-sourced, consumer-centered billpayment solution.

Recently, the leaders at doxo expanded its entire operation, to make sure their customers know they are intent on preventing scams and warning hackers to stay away. After they doubled their customer base, they also expanded their customer service and support capability. At the same time, they are constantly working to expand their partnerships with major companies, to the point that 45,000 billers of all sizes allow customers to access their bills and pay them through doxo. That list of billers runs the gamut, and includes industries such as utilities, finance, telecom, banking and insurance, among many other sectors. It seems they are sending a warning to the competition; there are few bills that can’t be paid through doxo.