Warning: You’ll love doxo too much

Bill paying is an arduous task. You already don’t want to be paying bills, but couple that with stuffing envelopes or opening more tabs than usual on your browser and the task becomes increasingly worse — and not just on your wallet. The average household, after all, uses approximately 50% of its household spending on bills alone.

But since 2008, there has been a dedicated online portal for improving this monthly (or weekly, perhaps) chore. Introducing doxo, the first customer-forward and crowd-sourced bill pay solution built specifically with the customer in mind. We offer this warning — this service just might make you love paying bills … for the first time ever.

doxo extends convenience and simplicity on its site through over 45,000 unique billers across industries such as utilities, healthcare, telecom, banking and insurance. And those are just a few of the sectors offered. Additionally, customers can pay bills via various means — from the mobile site to a tablet and using multiple forms of payment, including credit cards which are often not available for bill pay. Customer service and the leadership team have been revamped and improved for superior success and new resources are being added all the time for a robust, customer-centric platform. doxo makes bill pay easy, simple as that.